USER EXPERIENCE (UX): the satisfaction gained from our environment as we reside, create and unwind. This will be achieved by improving usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided during interactions between the user and their surroundings, facilitated by the use of digital technology.

Our Vision

UX Manchester is a mixed-use development scheme designed for Manchester’s young, vibrant and growing population. It captures the rapidly evolving digital technologies to provide a highly sophisticated and unique ‘User Experience’, integral to a smooth and enjoyable lifestyle for those that live and work in modern cities.

The scheme is located at a strategic point in the city, adjacent to Victoria Station and Manchester Arena, where users can create, work and unwind and easily access the other benefits of city centre living.

UX Manchester will provide workspace, quality amenities and high quality apartments that will provide the full User Experience within a vibrant new Manchester district.


Manchester-based property company, Realty Estates, as landowner, are seeking a partner to join in delivering the ambitious plans for the site. The partner would be required to invest alongside Realty Estates, and share risk in bringing forward the UX Manchester scheme.

Realty Estates has operated in the North West and London since 1985, and has been involved with some of Manchester’s most notable developments, including Gateway House on Manchester Piccadilly Station approach, and the former BBC Broadcasting House on Oxford Road, both of which will now contribute to some of the city’s most transformative regeneration projects.